“Immanuel is a male first name.

Immanuel is of Hebrew origin and means ‘God with us.’ The Latin-Greek form of the name is Emanuel.

Immanuel has been included in the Finnish almanac since 1708, although between 1740 and 1834, it was occasionally listed as Emanuel. On the same day, March 26, other variants of Immanuel, including Manu, Manne, and Immo, also celebrate their name days. In the Swedish-language almanac, it was added in 1973. The placement of the name in the almanac close to the Annunciation of Mary is due to the Old Testament prophecy of a virgin giving birth to a son and naming him Immanuel. Since the name means ‘God with us,’ it is explained in the Gospel of Matthew that this prophecy was fulfilled with the birth of Jesus.

Immanuel is a theophoric Hebrew name, meaning it references God. Other theophoric names include, for example, Ezekiel and Daniel.

In Nurmes, a Christmas play titled ‘Immanuel’ has been performed since 1989 on Christmas Eve; the play is presented on the streets of the city center.

By the end of 2019, the name Immanuel had been given to 1,723 male individuals in Finland, according to data from the Digital and Population Data Services Agency.”