Jirí (Czech: Jiří) is a Czech male first name, derived from Georgios and its German equivalent, Jürgen.[1] Equivalents of this name include the Finnish Yrjö and the English George.

In Finland, as of the end of 2019, there were just under 1,500 individuals named Jiri registered in the Population Register.[2] The use of the name Jiri became more common from the 1970s onwards.[3] Jiri was added to the Finnish almanac in 2010, and Jiri’s name day is celebrated on April 23rd, along with other similar names like Yrjö.

In the Czech Republic, Jiří is the most common male name, carried by approximately 330,000 people. Jiřín’s name day is celebrated on April 24th in the Czech Republic. The feminine form of the name is Jiřina.