Pekko is a Finnish male first name. Pekko’s name day is celebrated on June 29th. Up to June 2021, there have been 668 individuals named Pekko in Finland, and the name has not been given to any women.

The name variant Pekko is primarily found in Eastern Finland, although there are records of it in Ostrobothnia as well. It has a long history, with references dating back to the Middle Ages, specifically the 15th century. Surnames that have emerged from this name include Pekkola, which is common in Häme and Kymenlaakso, and Pekkonen, a surname found in Savonia. Pekko as a name in the calendar is relatively recent, alongside names like Pietari and Pekka, having been included since 1953.

In Finnish mythology, Pekko is a mythical figure known as “pellonpekko,” associated with the sowing of fields. He was believed to offer assistance in the cultivation of crops and was considered a deity of agriculture and fields. Pekko was also associated with the god of beer. According to Uno Harva, Pekko was akin to Bacchus in ancient mythology, also serving as a god of song and poetry.